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Q.Where does Murder For Hire perform?

A. Murder For Hire is a traveling theatre company. We will travel throughout Southwestern Ontario to perform and further if you want to foot the bill. We can adapt our scripts to a variety of settings, but it is important that everyone be able to see and hear the performers at once.

Q.How does a Murder For Hire mystery dinner work?

A. Typically, an evening begins around 7:00 p.m. with a cocktail hour. The performers will mingle with your guests and introduce themselves at that time. Part of the action takes place during this time as well. Dinner is usually around 8:00 and more clues are dropped and story told. The story usually climaxes near the end of the main course with the solution taking place with dessert. The mystery is usually solved by about 9:30 or 10:00, depending on how involved the guests become.

Q.Are performances open to the public?

A. That is up to you. Once you pay our fee, you may sell tickets to the public if that's the nature of your business. We perform for both public and private audiences.
Q.What about publicity and ticket sales, etc?

A. Publicity and ticket sales are the responsibility of the client (you). We are happy to provide a promotional flyer template if you would like and also make suggestions from our experienced knowledge. We are also happy to share your event on our "Upcoming Events" page as well as our social media pages.

Q.How many people do we need?

A. Contrary to popular belief, size doesn't matter. Murder For Hire can adapt to audiences of all sizes. A minimum of 25 people is recommend for mingling with the guests to be effective. 200 is approaching the high end but, that really depends on the crowd and the venue. We have performed successfully for a group of 300 people, however special considerations are required for a group this large....cause bigger ain't always better.

Q.What do we need to provide?

A. Murder For Hire provides all the props, costumes, music, audience participation materials and set decoration (which is minimal). We ask that you provide bar services (usually cash bar - but that's up to you), a minimum 3 course meal for your guests as well as our cast and crew (usually a total of 5 or 6 people). We require very little performance area as our scenes are performed in and around the audience. A small setup room is very helpful. A buffet meal can work but it is not ideal, however if you do opt for a buffet meal, the buffet table must be situated in the main dining room. Oh yeah, and we don't really care whether it's a buffet, sit down meal or hors d'eourves as long as you give us some too.
Q.Would Murder For Hire be a suitable choice for a charity fund-raiser?

A. Absolutely.

Q.Can the fact that there will be a murder mystery be a surprise for our guests.

A. No, unfortunately this is not effective. When your guests aren't expecting us, they feel that the characters are interrupting their conversation/evening. It is important for your guests to understand that there will be performers at the event. It is quite difficult to gain the attention of the room when they are expecting us.....impossible if they aren't.

Q. Can I pay the deposit or balance due online?

A. Yes, we will provide you with the amount due and you can pay online here

Q.How can we reach you?

A. By telephone at 519-495-1446 or email at