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Kay Rogers 

Kay founded Murder For Hire in 2005 and has been involved in murder mystery acting for several years prior to that time. She has been involved in several stage productions which include the London Fringe Festival as well as the Thorndale Dinner Theatre. Full time, Kay is a real estate appraiser with her CRA designation with a prior profession as a litigation law clerk. Kay's interest in theatre has been apparent to all who know her, through elaborate Hallowe'en costumes, characters and displays throughout the years. Kay writes the scripts for Murder For Hire performances

Ashley Grech

Ashley has been a Murder for Hire trouper since 2012 and has enjoyed every bit of the crazy shenanigans she's gotten herself into with this motley crew as well as the amazing friends she's made in the process! Ashley is also no stranger to the stage having been performing since childhood... There may have been a "short" 8 year hiatus in there somewhere but for the past four years, she has been going strong and couldn't imagine a life without theatre! When Ashley isn't on stage or on the killing side of things, you can find her at home snuggling with her fur family in her crazy animal house

Kevin Procter

Kevin lives and works in Brantford by day; but at night he finds himself involved in murder. After a successful, award-winning show at the Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts, Kevin has found Murder for Hire and loves this challenging multidimensional form of acting and interacting with the audience. How did he become involved with Murder for Hire? In a conversation with a very special friend, Kevin expressed a strong desire to somehow be a paid actor. That same evening, he and Kay Rogers made contact. Fate? Coincidence? It's all the same to Kevin - he just loves being here.

Heather Bailey

Heather has been involved with community theatre since 1997 when she portrayed the infamous Britney Spears on stage for her school's talent show. Since then she has played various roles. Heather takes pride in being a versatile actor specializing in extreme character roles with the ability to learn new scripts & memorize lines quickly. Heather also enjoys making funny faces and using silly voices to make children laugh of ALL ages. Special thanks to Darren Jerrard for suppporting me and my passion for the Arts

Connie Bontje

A pig farmer extraordinaire, Connie has enjoyed acting and singing since her teens. Now, well out of her teens, Connie spends her spare time golfing, skiing and acting as wedding planner for her five daughters. Connie has been with Murder For Hire since their first performance in 2006

James Wybrow

James has been with the Murder For Hire troupe since 2013 and has been involved in several roles in London's community theatre as well. James enjoys putting on his costume and creating a unique and interesting character for all of the Murder For Hire events and their guests to enjoy

Melony Holt 

Melony Holt is a graduate of Fanshawe College's graphic design program and has a history of performing in London and Kitchener. Melony has a passion for laughing and making others laugh, which is why she enjoys the challenges, opportunities, and interactions that improvisational theatre provides. And it's why she's been thrilled to be a part of the Murder for Hire theatre troupe since April 2014. She enjoys studying art and hip hop in her free time

Phil Cal

Phil studied at Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts in 2008 and can be found performing his stand up comedy routine in London, and surrounding areas. Phil joined the Murder For Hire troupe in 2014

Luca Monti

Luca is a Catholic Central secondary school alumnus,  and  has enjoyed a return to theatre in recent years after giving up the hobby for about a decade following high school.  Luca was welcomed to the Murder For Hire group in 2014 and has performed in a number of roles with this troupe

John Palmer

John has been acting all his life since he seems unable to accept so many aspects of reality. His first stage role was plenty-six years ago in middle school, and he has been involved in community theatre for nearly twenty years; and he has been doing mystery dinner theatre shows for over a decade. Aside from continued acting gigs, John is mostly retired now. But in former lives he was a sportscaster, orchestra conductor, photographer, and economics professor.

John Moore

John has been acting on stage (and off sometimes) for a little over 20 years. He prefers musicals but is happy playing just about any role he is offered. His experiences with Murder for Hire have been delightful. He feels honoured to get to work with such a great group of actors, characters, and extremely creative people

Tia Wiebe

Tia is an award winning stagecraft artist and freelance stage manager. When she isn't touring with MFH she can be found mentoring students at LYTE at The Palace, a youth theatre program she co-found in 2006. Tia joined MFH in 2014 and enjoys all their crazy shenanigans

Erin McCallum 

Erin discovered her love for performing at age 5, when she was asked to perform the "lead" in a kindergarten skit.  She went on to attend York University for Theatre Studies. After a few years away from performing, Erin is delighted to be joining Murder for Hire. She relishes the opportunity to have fun, make the audience laugh, and perhaps be a little silly

Russ Bain

Russ has never been on stage however fits into the murder mystery scene perfectly as an entrepreneur and man of many talents. Russ has a varied background from being a retired police officer to his current profession as a mortgage broker

Laurie Deven

Laurie first dabbled in acting in high school, then nothing for 15 years. Her favorite genre is the musical even though she is terrible at harmonizing. Just loves to sing and dance.  She started with Murder for Hire after a party at a mutual friend's house. She enjoys lots of varied activities and sports when time permits. 

Ryan Symour

Ryan attended York University for Theatre Studies and has since been involved with roles on stage and in films. Ryan joined the Murder For Hire troupe in 2014 and has played several characters. He can also be found around London working on a variety of on stage productions

Jessica Ducharme

Jessica is a Brickenden Award winning actress. She models, dances, and sings for galas and fundraising events.  Jessica appeared in the action/adventure film, Junior High Spy. She has a Kinesiology/Dance Degree from Western University and is completing her Master of Teaching Degree at The University of Toronto

Jayme  Arts

Jayme is a Sir Frederick Banting and Western University graduate. Being a London local, she acted in various roles as a child and teenager with the Original Kids Theatre Company. As an adult, Jayme has worked for a local company acting as a Disney princess at birthday parties. She is both excited and honoured to join the Murder for Hire troupe. 

Phyllis Leighton

Phyllis loves working for ‘Murder For Hire’! Playing different characters, with full-on audience participation which makes it all a dream come true for her. Over the years, Phyllis has acquired a varied list of theatrical skills, including: singing, dancing, acting, directing, teaching, and puppetry.
She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Bluewater Summer Playhouse, in Kincardine ON.  Come one, come all, and book your next MFH party!

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