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What is a Murder Mystery Dinner?
Murder For Hire is a high quality murder mystery dinner theatre which is an environmental, interactive form of theatre which takes place amongst your guests over the course of your meal rather than on a stage before you. There may be a murderer amongst the guests, or two perhaps. There may also be a victim, or two.... Your guests will also be invited to participate in some aspects of the event, if they wish.   

We write, produce and direct all of our own original scripts and can adapt them to suit your venue or special event. Murder For Hire is a troupe of criminal masterminds who will implement the perfect crime before your eyes. This, believe it or not, is an ideal way to celebrate your next company party, team building event or fundraiser.

Our scripts are intended to be fun, perhaps even a bit silly at times,
to offset the fact that one of the guests at this event may not make it
out alive. Our scripts vary from a sinister Jack the Ripper story (These Shoes Are Killing Me) to a fun 1960s James Bond theme (Diamonds,
Death & Second Chances). The characters are all exagerated stereotypes for comedic effect. Guests are encouraged (although never required) to come in costume to heighten the effect of the theme that you have chosen. Costume suggestions are provided. While all of our scripts are fun and entertaining, some lend themselves more to costume than others, and we are happy to assist you with that decision when you book your event.

How Does The Evening Proceed?
The evening begins with cocktails at which you will meet all of the "usual suspects". The characters will mingle with your guests to introduce themselves and to lay a bit of ground work. The evening continues and the plot thickens during your meal with scripted scenes between courses. Clues are dropped as the characters continue to mingle with the guests. There may be a gunshot, a piercing scream or simply a mysterious disappearance and the strange woman at your table or the crazy man seated next to you may be the victim or the foe.  Our cast of characters will join your guests for the meal and are spread throughout the room to provide as many of your guests as possible access to a character for questioning. 

Just a murder mystery troupe?
Heck no, not only do we offer high quality murder mystery dinner theatre, but we can also provide other events which are only limited by your imagination (with sufficient notice). Contact us to discuss your unique party idea and how our troupe can make it an event that your guests will be raving about for years to come.